Looking For a Home Buyer? Here’s How.

Alan Williams, a resident of Auburn, MA, recently needed a home buyer to buy his house after a divorce.

So, he listed his house with an agent, put it on the MLS, and waited. After a while, he got an acceptable offer. Everything seemed to be going fine, until…

The inspector, as usual, picked apart their home. They had been living there for over 15 years and there was some maintenance that needed to be done, but the inspector’s job is to find problems.

They weren’t able to agree on terms, so, that home buyer walked away.

Now it’s back on the market. 45 days have passed so far.

Eventually, another buyer comes around (at a lower price), and they are able to work through the inspection.

30 days go by and the home buyer requests an extension because the mortgage company is being difficult. So, they extend a couple weeks.

Then they ask for another extension. They were already 6 weeks into the process, so what does waiting another week matter?

Ultimately, they couldn’t get the mortgage through.

Alan was now close to 120 days on the market and hadn’t sold their home. Their attorney’s fees were racking up in their divorce, they paid another $6,000 in mortgage payments, plus taxes, insurance, etc. Overall, they were out close to $10,000 by letting it sit there for 4 months.

They ultimately sold it for a lot less than they hoped. They got desperate, slashed the price, and walked away just to get the divorce over with.

We’re Home Buyers That Close Fast

If Alan and his wife had accepted our offer, they would have actually come out the same at the end and saved 4 months of frustration.

That’s the benefit of cash home buyers in Dallas. We always close, we close fast, and we don’t beat people up over inspections.

Here’s how it works

1) Contact Us

First, you need to fill out the form and let us know you are interested in receiving a no-obligation all cash offer. Simply fill out the form right here, or you can fill out the one on the right-hand side (or down below if you are on a smartphone).

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2) We’ll Chat

Once we get your info and know you are looking for home buyers, we’ll give you a call and see what’s going.

It’s super friendly and laid back. We aren’t going to pressure you or try to give you the “hard sell.” Frankly, if you aren’t interested in selling, we aren’t interested in buying it.

We’ll just see what’s going on, why you need to sell, and figure out what the property is worth and what sort of work it needs.

That’s all.

3) We’ll Come to Look at The House

If we’re able to buy you’re home or help your situation, we’ll come to take a look at your property.

We need to verify the information, condition, etc.

4) We’ll Make an Offer

Often, we can make an offer on the spot. If there is something we need to research (say we need to get a price on something we didn’t expect), then we might have to way a day or two to give an offer.

We’re basically the easiest home buyers you’ll ever work with.

5) We’ll Negotiate

If there’s something about the terms you don’t like, we can chat and see if there is a way everyone can be happy.

6) Do the Legal Stuff and Close

Once you’ve decided that we’re the home buyers for you, we’ll get all the legal paperwork done, do the title search, and set up a closing. In many instances, we can close in under a week.

Super Easy Home Buying and Selling Process, Right?

Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for you. The last thing you need is another headache or problem to deal with, and dealing with picky home buyers is the last thing you should have to worry about.

Here’s how things would have worked with Alan if he chose to sell his home to us.

  1. Alan calls us and tells us he’s going through a divorce and they need to sell the house and split it.
  2. After learning about the condition of the house and repairs, we do some research to find the potential value. Behind the scenes, we are estimating how much work we need to do to get it up to that potential value
  3. We decide this is something we can work with, so we come to take a look at the property. There were a few things Alan forgot to mention to us, so we have to do a bit more work than we expected on repairs.
  4. The next day we reach out to Alan and make an offer. It’s a bit lower than he hoped for, but once he accounts for the 4-6 months of wasted time, mortgage payments, repairs and maintenance, and dealing with his wife, he realizes the offer is actually quite fair.
  5. We hammer out a few side-items and agree to the terms
  6. We close about a week later.

Total processing time for this deal, less than 10 days. Alan splits the money with his ex and never has to deal with her again.

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