professional tenant worcester ma

How to Avoid Professional Tenants in Worcester Massachusetts

We’ve all heard about the “tenant from hell.” You know them – they know how to take advantage of the system. They know every law. They know how to take advantage of you and live totally for free. Unfortunately, these are really common in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They can be so bad that … Continued

Home Buyers

Looking For a Home Buyer? Here’s How.

Alan Williams, a resident of Auburn, MA, recently needed a home buyer to buy his house after a divorce. So, he listed his house with an agent, put it on the MLS, and waited. After a while, he got an acceptable offer. Everything seemed to be going fine, until… The inspector, as usual, picked apart … Continued

Foreclosure Help Stop My Foreclosure Fast

How to Stop Foreclosure in The Worcester County Area

It can happen to anyone at any time. Foreclosure doesn’t care if you’re rich, poor, smart, old, young, black, or white. You lose your job, lose your spouse, have a major health condition. Whatever it is that’s stopping you from paying your mortgage triggers the foreclosure process. Banks really don’t care to work with you … Continued